College of Dentistry

About College


Al-Maaqal university, college of dentistry is committed in improving oral health through excellence in dental education, educating members of the health professionals, engaging in basic and applied research, encouraging technology transfer, and developing public and community health programs.


 Learner centered dental education, patient centered service, and community oriented research

 Meet the regional, national and global dental education needs

Catering to the needs of a diverse community and serving the underserved

 Serving as a leader in health professional education

 To achieve academic excellence and global competencies among students

 To create an environment for the generation of new knowledge

 To extend the knowledge acquired and new knowledge generated for the development of the community

Our college Outcomes

  Student to will be working as a dentist providing high standards of oral health knowledge and treatments at:

1- Governmental sector, including hospital, dental practices and centers.

2- Private sectors including dental clinics and centers.

Our students have great capability in: 


Students will develop speaking, writing, reading, and listening skills.

Critical Thinking / Problem Solving

Students will acquire, evaluate, and analyze information; develop sound reasoning skills; and apply the principles of the scientific method.

Quantitative Reasoning

Students will develop skills in problem-solving, logical thinking, and application of the treatment planning processes.

Community / Global Awareness

Students will recognize and appreciate diversity, historical viewpoints, and the global perspective.

Individual Development

Students will cultivate ethical values, personal wellness, and personal learning strategies.

Information Management

Students will apply technological methods to retrieve, process, and communicate information.

Workplace Application of Skills

Students will synthesize technical skills and industry knowledge to succeed in a work environment.